FREE Disaster Recovery Assessment Shows You How To Protect Your Data From Loss!


Pop Quiz: If your server suddenly crashed and ALL your data was erased, how long would it take before your business was back up and running as usual?

If you don’t confidently know the answer to this question, then I urge you to say “Yes” to our FREE Disaster Recovery Audit!

Let me ask you a another question: Have you ever lost an hour of work on your computer?

Now imagine:

  • The stress you would feel of losing days or weeks of work, your entire client database, all financial records and work files
  • The problems you’d have if your network went down for days and you couldn’t access e-mail or the information on your PC
  • What if a major storm, flood, or fire destroyed your office and all of your files
  • The devastation if a virus wiped out your server

How quickly do you think you could recover, if at all?

My name is Joseph Imperato and I’m the Managing Partner of XSolutions Consulting Services. We help businesses avoid data loss and eliminate all the hassle, confusion and unnecessary expenses associated with ineffective IT Backup/Disaster Recovery systems.

Our service is ideal for the business owner who doesn’t want to spend their time worrying about backups and dealing with time-consuming schemes that use “shell games” to physically move disks and tapes to other locations.  If you’re looking for peace of mind and simply want everything to be taken care of so you can concentrate on your business, then you’ll be excited to learn …

We’re Giving Away A FREE Service, Valued At $438, To Qualified NY and NJ Businesses

Our FREE Disaster Recovery Audit will review your systems and uncover any areas that you should to be concerned about and demonstrate how you can achieve peace of mind by having your servers backed up automatically, efficiently, and redundantly.

For FREE, We Will Come To Your Office And …

  • Review your current data protection systems
  • Assess your server configuration to make sure that your server is setup to minimize lost data due to hard drive crashes
  • Present a simple and easy to understand chart detailing the makeup of your data
  • Discuss your current data protection needs and explain in plain English where your risks are

Depending on what we discover, we’ll either give you a clean bill of health or reveal gaps in your data backup that could prove disastrous. If it’s appropriate, we’ll provide you with an action plan for further securing your data with our Data Secure Backup/Disaster Recovery (BDR) technology.

Why Should You Care?

Statistics show that over 70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within one (1) year. You don’t want to be one of the 70% — do you?

I Also Want To Be Very Clear …

 This is NOT a bait and switch offer or a trick to get you to buy something. My reputation for running an honest and trustworthy business is something I hold very dear. I would never jeopardize that in any way. We are simply offering this Free Disaster Recovery Audit as a risk-free “get to know us” offer to companies we haven’t had the pleasure of doing business with yet.

What To Do Now:

To claim your FREE, no-strings-attached Disaster Recovery Audit, do one of these two things:

  •  Call my office direct at (845) 362-9675 and ask for me, Joseph Imperato
  • OR send an email to set up an appointment. Please make sure to include a phone number where I can reach you

After we receive your request, we’ll gather some basic information and schedule a convenient time for us to come on-site and conduct a complete Disaster Recovery Audit.  When we’re done, we’ll give you a comprehensive, easy-to-read report that will show you any problems, threats or vulnerable areas that need to be addressed.

The report is yours to keep and use as you see fit. Frankly, many companies for which we perform the Disaster Recovery Audit for do become our clients, but not all. You are under no obligation to buy or do anything.

Don’t let another day go by without verifying the health and security of your Disaster Recovery systems.

I’m making this as easy as possible to say yes — all you have to do is take 60 seconds to email us or call our office, and we’ll do the rest!