Data Backup Alone Is Not Enough To Protect Your Business

The decisions you make now can spell the difference between business-as-usual, long and costly downtime, and bankruptcy. Your company’s very survival is at stake — so read on to learn why your business needs an image-based Business Continuity solution and how XSolutions can help you.

Disasters come in many flavors: hackers, viruses, hurricanes, human error, network outages, server failures and terrorist activities. The fact is that most businesses will experience some form of disaster during their lifetime. When it strikes, you need to be able to continue operating without interruption.


Not all solutions are created equal. Select the wrong one for your business and when disaster strikes recovery can be long, painful and dubious at best. Can you afford the uncertainty and time to recovery with your present backup solution? This short video brings the point home:


XSolutions can install and manage a Business Continuity solution that provides:

  • An image-based solution for faster and more complete recoveries
  • Instant onsite fail-over or the ability to quickly restore server functionality from a local onsite device
  • Cloud Image backups to automatically save system images and data offsite and away from your physical location
  • Bare Metal restore capability allowing you to restore systems even onto different hardware
  • Backup verification, ensuring that any issues are quickly dealt with so your backups are viable and available when needed
  • Management, monitoring, and support — when disaster strikes, we’ll be there to help you recover your systems and data

In short, XSolutions’ image-based backup solutions will provide instant virtualization of your server’s software, operating system, and files so they can be quickly restored, allowing your business to operate without missing a beat.


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