Look Before You Click!

Lately I’ve been receiving, what appears to be, a lot more phishing emails than I used to. Some are quite good, while others are obvious fakes. Either way, spoofing trusted brands to get emails read and acted upon appears to be the way to go—if you’re a career cyber-criminal. Just the other day, this email […]

Hackers Serve Malware Cocktail That Evades Most AV Programs

As I stated many times before, cyber-criminals are an adaptable bunch. They still use SPAM to deliver malicious payloads because it works so well, then change the code slightly to evade most anti-virus (AV) programs for a time. When the security companies catch up, they change it again. The new cyber-criminal toy is the Hancitor […]

A New Twist To An Old Scam

In the past, scammers targeted departments responsible for issuing payroll, often spoofing the emails of authority figures to obtain detailed records. A recent LEXOCOLOGY post warns us that scammers are now zeroing in on the employees themselves that could cost workers plenty while posing a serious cyber-threat to organizations of all sizes. Here’s how this […]

Are You Or Someone You Know The Star Of A Fake Porn Movie?

Just when you think the criminal element can’t sink any lower—they do. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has advanced to the point that criminals are now able to near-seamlessly attach anyone’s face onto existing porn movies creating the ultimate click-bait! As a recent KnowBe4‘s security blog post mentions, for a long time criminals using Photoshop were […]

O&R Warns Residents Of Utility Scams

  Orange & Rockland (O&R) issued a warning to its customers about scammers pretending to be from O&R and threatening their targets unless they immediately pay them money.   O&R says that scammers may: Call you on the phone and manipulate caller ID to make it look like the call is coming from O&R. Threaten […]

Meet Skygofree—The Multipurpose Mobile Trojan

A recent post in Kaspersky Lab detailed a powerful “new” Android trojan that has been operating since 2014 that was “discovered” in late 2017. It’s called Skygofree (not related to the TV service Sky Go) and here are some of the things it can do: Track where you are and turn on audio recording when […]

Watch What You Type Into Your Browser!

Wherever we are, we’re in a hurry. It doesn’t matter where we are either, at home, work, vacation—or surfing the internet. But, one small typo can land you into BIG trouble. In our rush to get to a favorite website, many of us don’t really watch what we’re typing into the browser. One letter off […]

2018 … And The Beat Goes On

Unless you’ve been living under a “digital rock” lately, you’ve undoubtedly heard about this year’s major security flaws called “Meltdown” and “Spectre”. They’ve been all over the blogs and news and put at risk just about every PC, server and smartphone because they affect all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, FreeBSD and others). […]

ALERT: Worldwide Ransomware Attack Underway

A new strain of ransomware called Bad Rabbit has hit multiple organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and now the United States. Bad Rabbit is a variant of the NotPetya ransomware. The attack froze computer systems in several European countries prompting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue an alert. Security firm KnowBe4 says that the outbreak appears to have originated using […]

Article Roundup: Week Ending 10.20.2017

Important Cyber news of the week, summed up by XSolutions and posted to Social Media: Security Alert: Microsoft Office Zero Day and DNS Vulnerabilities Potentially Impacting Users Microsoft patched two critical vulnerabilities this past Patch Tuesday that could allow hackers to gain access to systems and devices. Security Alert: Critical Wi-Fi Vulnerability Found – DO […]