Are Slow Computers Eating Away Your Profits?

The short answer is: Yes! A slow computer insidiously robs a business of time and productivity.

Keyword Analysis and Selection — Part I

Keyword selection is the very first step in the Search Engine Optimization process. Indeed, it is the most important step. Target the wrong keywords and you will not receive much traffic; and the traffic you do receive will not convert. If you hope to rank well in organic search, then keyword analysis is a must. […]

Password Security is a Big Deal!

Passwords are the first line of defense against an army of thieves and hackers trying to break into personal and business systems in an effort to steal identities and corporate secrets. Unfortunately, most people do not take password security seriously. To prove it, let me ask you a few questions: Do you keep a written […]

Enhancing Your Office – Excel and SharePoint

Organizations deal primarily with people. Whether keeping track of suppliers, vendors, customers or staff, updated and detailed records are the cornerstone of any successful business. Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools used by organizations to accomplish these and other tasks. People use Excel for increasingly creative purposes. Excel sheets that contain valuable information tend […]

Working With Text in Excel

Some projects require that you download data from other programs, sometimes in long text strings. Excel has functions that allow you to easily isolate different parts of the string and organize the data into columns. Using the techniques in this article, you can convert thousands of records in just a few minutes. The Left, MID, […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application in the world and used by most businesses to track all sorts of information. In fact, users are more comfortable creating spreadsheet databases when the more powerful MS Access Database Application would better suite their needs.  However, this trend will continue since people find Excel’s spreadsheet format […]

Do You Google?

Using Google effectively is a skill few business owners and corporate executives can afford to ignore. There is much more to searching the web using Google than just entering a few key words. Learning the correct way to structure your phrases will help you to perform sophisticated searches and get the information you desire more […]

Boost Productivity with the Right Intranet

Businesses have used intranets for many years. Since an intranet is essentially an internal website only accessible by company employees, it seems to be the ideal way to share information. The problem is that this is exactly what most companies have done; using it only as an information-sharing vehicle. A properly designed intranet can boost […]