Delete Unused Fonts For Quicker Bootups

Windows 7 comes with a vast array of fonts. Like any file, they take time to load. Eliminating the fonts that you’ll never use can shave time off of your PC’s booting process. Just copy them to another folder in an alternate location before deleting the fonts you don’t use.

De-clutter Your Desktop By Creating Your Own Toolbars

Let’s face it, over time everyone’s desktop has far too many icons, making it a chore to find programs and documents. Go with a minimalist’s attitude and de-clutter your desktop by creating your very own special-purpose toolbars.

A Free and Simple Way To Keep Track Of Your Day

Have you ever asked yourself after a busy day at the office “Where has the day gone? Did I accomplish anything today?” The fact of the matter is that the only way we will ever know the answer to these two questions is to keep a log or journal of how we spent the workday. […]

Cloud & Hosted Services for Businesses

Many people have heard of Cloud Computing and Hosted Services but aren’t sure what it is. In this short article, I’ll try to explain what they are and why they may be a good choice for your business.

A Better Way To Select Multiple Files In Windows 7

Most users select multiple files within a folder by selecting the first file, then clicking the last file while holding the Shift Key down (if the files are contiguous) or by holding the Crtl Key down and individually selecting files if they are not one after the other.  If the files you want to select […]

Why Managed Services Are Important

Today’s small to medium size business environment In today’s business environment, most organizations understand that they need technology to enable efficient and faster delivery of services and products. Today, business is done at blinding speed; those organizations who falter will be left behind. This means that it is critical that a business has the right […]

Are Slow Computers Eating Away Your Profits?

The short answer is: Yes! A slow computer insidiously robs a business of time and productivity.

Keyword Analysis and Selection — Part I

Keyword selection is the very first step in the Search Engine Optimization process. Indeed, it is the most important step. Target the wrong keywords and you will not receive much traffic; and the traffic you do receive will not convert. If you hope to rank well in organic search, then keyword analysis is a must. […]

Password Security is a Big Deal!

Passwords are the first line of defense against an army of thieves and hackers trying to break into personal and business systems in an effort to steal identities and corporate secrets. Unfortunately, most people do not take password security seriously. To prove it, let me ask you a few questions: Do you keep a written […]