Advanced SPAM Filtering

SPAM2How many SPAM emails do you get each and every day? I bet it’s a lot, some business owners get in excess of 100 per day!

Have you considered the productivity drain SPAM costs your business? If 5 employees making $20 per hour wastes only 3 minutes per day cleaning up SPAM, your business would lose $1,250 in lost productivity. Larger companies lose more money.

More importantly, what about the infected links many contain and the dangers they pose to the spreading of malware and viruses to your network? Malware costs businesses and consumers $491 billion per year!

SPAM is a BIG annoyance, but it is also a dangerous problem. The primary way criminals spread their malware to businesses of all sizes is by sending thousands of SPAM emails containing infected links. If a hacker sends 50,000 infected SPAM emails and gets just 1% of his targets to click on a link, he has now compromised 500 computers with many resulting in criminal infiltration of business networks!

One of the best ways of protecting yourself and your business is to prevent SPAM from ever getting to your network in the first place. That’s where we can help. XSolutions’ Advanced SPAM Filtering Service blocks up to 99.9% of SPAM emails before they even reach your network. Imagine, never seeing 99.9% of SPAM and the viruses, malware, worms, infected content and attachments they contain!

You and your employees won’t have to sift through bogus email after bogus email, manually blocking spammers only to find out their emails reappear the next day with a slightly different sender address, causing you to do it all over again.

Stop the madness and choke SPAM before it even gets to your network.

Let’s recap, XSolutions’ Advanced SPAM Filtering Service:

  • Blocks 99.9% of all SPAM
  • Protects against Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attacks, Directory Harvest attacks, and Mail Bombs by concealing mail servers from the public internet
  • Is completely cloud-based. There’s nothing to install and XSolutions manages everything for you so you can focus on your business
  • Automatic and continuous updates keep the service always up-to-date to deal with the latest SPAM threats
  • Decreases the risks (and therefore the costs) associated with in-house email threat management
  • Is extremely cost effective, requires no upfront hardware or software investment; costs only pennies per day per email address

You don’t have to live with SPAM and the dangers it poses to your business. Take action now and banish SPAM to the trash bin. Call us at (845) 362-9675 or email us; it’s that easy.