Cloud Servers

The ability for businesses to provision servers entirely in the Cloud has given companies like yours, many more options than existed only a few years ago. In fact, many businesses have decided to remove their internal server architecture from their premises entirely and move to a Hosted Server configuration.

Using Hosted Servers conserves cash by eliminating the need to purchase server hardware and associated software, two very large expenses. This effectively converts a capital expense to an operating expense. A capital expense requires an initial large cash outlay while writing-off the same amount over a period of time. An operating expense provides immediate accounting benefits. This is a very  important business consideration that you should discuss with your accountant.

Hosted solutions conserve cash while allowing you to immediately benefit from using up-to-date technology in your business operations.

XSolutions can quickly provision servers to meet your needs, monitor them 24/7/365, and perform regular monthly maintenance  making sure that they are in optimal working order. An XSolutions’ Hosted Server solution will minimize down time and increase your firm’s productivity while giving you the time to concentrate on running your business.

XSolutions’ Hosted Server solutions available for immediate deployment:

  • Windows 2003/2008/Terminal Server/SQL Server
  • Linux
  • Website and Email

Pay a reasonable monthly fee and equip your business with the latest server and software technology. Use hosted servers for ongoing business operations and as part of your Backup/Disaster Recovery plan.

Put the power of the cloud to work for your organization. Call us at today at (845) 362-9675 for a free consultation!