SharePoint Hosting

sharepointMicrosoft SharePoint is collaborative software that makes it easier for employees to work together virtually and easily share information. Even though the basic SharePoint software, called Foundation, is free with Windows Server, it still needs to be set up, configured, maintained, and managed. This often requires businesses to hire expensive specialists to administer even a basic SharePoint set up.


XSolutions Hosted SharePoint Services lets you collaborate at a fraction of the cost

Give your business the powerful collaboration capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Services without the upfront costs of an on-premise deployment. For a reasonable monthly fee, XSolutions will set up a SharePoint site for your business in the Cloud, host it, and manage all of the technical aspects. All you and your employees have to do is use it; we’ll do the rest! It’s fast, easy, and cost effective.

XSolutions gives you these collaborative services for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise installation: 

  • Create workspaces for teams to coordinate schedules, organize documents and participate in discussions.
  • Stay on task with automatic alerts on document changes, announcements, surveys, and discussion boards.
  • Brainstorm ideas and build internal knowledge bases through the use of wikis and blogs.
  • Manage important documents within your organization by requiring that they be checked out first before making revisions and then automatically alerting interested users that revisions have been made.
  • View and track document changes and restore previous versions if necessary.
  • Set security down to the folder and document level.

Get the full benefit of SharePoint at an affordable cost. Call us today at 845-362-9675 for a free consultation!