Special Offer: 10% Discount On Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

headshot_joesrHere’s the simple truth: If you’re hosting your email on your own onsite servers and those servers go down or are damaged in a disaster, you will not be able to use email to communicate until your servers are fixed or replaced.

Email is one of the main ways businesses communicate with clients and employees on a daily basis; so why not take the steps necessary to protect this vital communication link between you, your employees, and your customers?

If you are a business owner or executive and you’re worried about what would happen to your email communications if another Hurricane or other disaster rips through your area and damages your office and onsite servers, then read on. This offer’s for you!

Imagine: no more software, hardware or maintenance costs, high speed, “always on” e-mail, automatic backups and archiving, faster set up, and access to your e-mail and calendar from anywhere.

Special Offer To New Customers

As a special, get-to-know you offer to new clients, save 10% off labor costs when migrating your data to Microsoft Office 365. We’ll make sure that we transfer the full value of your current email environment including: each mailbox, contacts, calendars and files within it, and distribution lists.

We’ll do everything from start to finish. All you and your employees have to do is to start using it and reap the benefits!

As a Microsoft Partner, we have helped many companies increase productivity, strengthen their Disaster Recovery plans and lower costs by converting their existing onsite email system to Microsoft Office 365.

So, if you’re interested in saving 10% AND having your project handled by experts, give us a call at (845) 362-9675 or email us for your special savings.