The Real Cost Of Downtime

Imagine this:

Your business is growing; in fact it’s hard to keep up. Things are going great—business has never been better. Then suddenly, your network goes down. Your employees cannot access the internet or any of their files—EVERYTHING has come to a standstill. You run over to your server but it’s off and you can’t restart it. In fact, the server doesn’t make a sound, the silence is deafening. Desperate, you call your computer guy, but he’s not answering. Clients are mad, there’s no telling how much business you’ll lose because of this! In fact you’re wondering, “how much is this going to cost to fix?”

The answer to the last question is—more than you think. Read this report and find out what the real cost of downtime is. After reading it, you’ll know how to assess what downtime really costs your business.  »Click this link to download your copy: The Real Cost Of Downtime.