What is Managed Services And Why It Is Important?

The definition Of The Managed Services And Break-fix Business Models

Managed IT Services is a business model that emphasizes the proactive management of computer systems through 24/7/365 monitoring, rapid response to and resolution of issues as soon as they are detected, and the provision of regular, scheduled maintenance to reduce or eliminate ongoing problems — keeping computer networks up and running with minimal downtime.

The Break-fix model waits for equipment and systems to fail first before taking any action. Businesses using a break-fix vendor to service their computer systems are more prone to extensive downtime and unexpected high emergency repair bills.

Why Is Managed Services Better Than Break-fix?

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like XSolutions have the technical expertise and tools that enable them to monitor, maintain, and service systems remotely, and to rapidly respond to issues. It is a known fact that ongoing maintenance and immediately jumping on issues as soon as they are detected prevents much bigger problems down the line.

A good analogy is your car. If you take care of your car and do scheduled maintenance such as oil changes, tune ups, tire rotations, inspections, etc., your car will run a long time with very few problems and the repair costs will be at a minimum. On the other hand, if you neglect your vehicle, it’ll become a money pit. It’s the same with computers. Ongoing, scheduled maintenance reduces problems and keeps the equipment functioning longer, reducing expenses and helping your employees and business to be more productive.

Break-fix on the other hand, neglects your computer system until it breaks down causing unexpected network outages and massive repair bills — neither of which you need, especially in this crazy-busy and competitive environment.

Remember, when your computer network is down, your entire business comes to a screeching halt!

Managed Services Is Aligned With Your Business Goals

The Managed Services business model, by definition emphasizes prevention, keeping your systems up and running with minimal interruption. In fact, MSPs lose money when extended issues occur forcing them to expend resources to fix problems covered under your agreement. It is in the MSP’s best interest to keep issues at a minimum to maintain profitability. Doing so, keeps your businesses’ computer systems running smoothly allowing you to concentrate on your clients and generating profits with minimal downtime.

Break-fix companies only make money when you have an issue and call them in for repairs. The more problems you have, the more money they make. Break-fix companies profit when your systems are down whereas by contrast, Managed Services Companies lose money when your systems are down for extended periods.

Managed Services Saves Money And Promotes Better Expense Planning For Businesses

Many business owners hear of the monthly fee for Managed Services Plans and immediately feel that break-fix companies are more cost effective because they only pay when something goes wrong. This is not true especially when you take into account the dollar impacts on downtime, lost productivity, and lost business opportunities in addition to the cost of the actual repairs.

Managed Services companies are more efficient, and because they are monitoring, maintaining, and preventing major problems, businesses can concentrate on their own customers and service them with minimal interruptions, virtually eliminating unexpected outages and massive last-minute repair bills.

Reasonable monthly payments coupled with extensive services gives businesses predictability regarding their IT costs. Companies can better plan their ongoing expenses with reasonable certainty.

Managed Services Reduces Stress Related To The Worry That Chronic Computer Problems Cause

Monitoring, maintaining and ongoing support reduces computer problems diminishing the day-to-day stress many business owners feel when their systems break down and prevent them and their employees from working.

The Next Step

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