Why Using Managed Services Is A More Efficient Use Of Your Time

Having a Managed Services provider, like XSolutions, can increase your productivity by making sure your servers and workstations are up and running as efficiently as possible. However, some business owners are skeptical because they feel that they can maintain their systems themselves rather than expend the small monthly charge that a Managed Services contract requires. But, is this an efficient or even a desirable use of your time?

As a business owner, you wear many hats. You are the “Go to Person” for your company and therefore have many responsibilities just to keep the business going. You and your employees need to perform services necessary to keep customers happy, generate sales and profits.

Servers and Workstations are important assets of your business 

I am sure you’ll agree that your servers and workstations are an integral part of your operation and are needed for the very survival of the business. Just try to do business without them!  Maintenance is the key to ensuring that your IT assets perform as optimally as possible to minimize business interruptions.

Having said all this, the question now becomes: “Does it make sense to perform the monthly maintenance on your servers and PCs yourself rather than having them maintained through a Managed Services contract?”

XSolutions as your Managed Services Provider (MSP) will increase your productivity

As a business owner, you should not perform any action yourself if it doesn’t meet your business objectives and that can be performed by someone else or a service for less than what you are paid. Your time is better used to advance your business and seek ways to increase sales and profits, not taking valuable time performing tasks that do not give you a proper return.

Let’s suppose that you want to make an annual salary of $100,000 and that your benefits (i.e. health insurance, etc.) are 20% of your salary. This means that your annual salary must be at least $120,000 in order for you to make $100,000 before taxes. $120,000 translates into $60 per hour ($120,000 / 2,000 hrs.). 2,000 hours is based on a 40 hour work week for 50 weeks, assuming 2 weeks for vacation. You can do this exercise for each of your high-valued employees using their salary structure.

XSolutions has workstation plans that costs less than $50 per month per PC. Each month, in addition to monitoring your systems and providing ongoing support (such as Help Desk services, problem resolution, etc.), we’ll apply Operating System updates, check for disk errors, clean temporary files, and defragment your hard drive. Simple computer maintenance can take over 2 hours per PC.

If we compare the monthly expenditure of $50 per workstation to $120.00 per month of your time (2 hrs. X $60 per hour), it seems clear that it is more efficient and desirable to use XSolutions to provide computer maintenance services rather than doing it yourself.

Servers are a lot more complicated and an experienced technician is required to maintain them. They also take longer to maintain each month. Server maintenance is more expensive but a maintenance package is well worth it since it will cost considerably more to repair a server.

What you need to do now

First, find out the overall state of your business computer network. Call us at (845) 362-9675 and asking us about our FREE Technology Assessment for qualified New York and New Jersey businesses.

We’ll perform a comprehensive review of your network and give you a detailed, written report showing you any issues you may have and more importantly, how to fix them— once and for all.

The service is FREE. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Make that call now, while it’s on your mind and take the first step to getting your business back on track!