Security Alert: Career Hackers Create “Training Tool” For Novice Criminals

Hardcore hackers have created an easy-to-use tool that even beginning criminals can use to jump-start their evil empires. The tool is called “Microsoft Word Intruder” or MWI for short and it is being sold on underground forums to novice hackers. MWI creates infected Rich Text Format (RTF) documents with payloads that exploit numerous vulnerabilities in […]

10 Critical Steps To Take To Protect Yourself From Malicious Emails

Introduction The cyber-criminal’s main tactic of spreading infectious payloads is spam. With the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) where every device is being connected to the internet, the spam problem is growing by leaps and bounds. Hackers are now able to penetrate the paltry cyber defenses of household appliances, internet-enabled TVs, baby monitors, […]