Anatomy Of A CEO-Wire Fraud Attack

CEO-Wire Fraud is a dangerous Social Engineering attack that cost businesses billions in losses. A good Social Engineer will study potential victims sometimes for months before attacking and craft convincing spoofed emails, targeting accounting personnel with wire transfer responsibilities. Recently, one of our best clients experienced such an attack and they graciously allowed us to use […]

How To Identify A Phishing Email—An Example

One of our good clients sent us a phishing email supposedly from Microsoft. It fooled a very experienced user and so would be a good example to use to show our readers how to identify Phishing emails. Fortunately, the bogus link did not forward to an infected website where ransomware could have been instantaneously downloaded, […]

Hackers Step Up Phishing Attacks

  It seems that phishing attacks have increased exponentially during the last few months and businesses and individuals must always be on their guard.     Recently, an employee of one of our very good clients forwarded an email to me saying that it looked suspicious. It invited my client to click a button to […]

How To Protect Your Company From Data Loss

Data loss can happen at anytime—suddenly and without warning. If you cannot recover quickly, you can literally be put out of business as your clients go to your better-prepared competitors. That is why businesses, of all sizes, must think beyond just backing up data and embrace Business Continuity as a central business objective. On the Slideshare […]

A Disaster Averted—Our Battle With Cryptolocker

Introduction Recently, we received a call from a client reporting that his “PC was acting weird”. Our customer was having trouble opening files and the ones he was able to access appeared to be gibberish. He was going to a meeting and asked us to look into it while he was away. Lucky he called, […]

How To save Your Business from Ransomware

Introduction Ransomware is alive and well in cyberspace. In fact, the Cryptolocker family of ransomware is a multi-billion dollar underground business. Do you know that crime syndicates have created a Crime-as-a-Service (CaaS) industry that distributes malware services to wannabe criminals that come complete with dashboards to track infection rates as well as full technical support! […]

Identifying Critical Processes Is Key To Recovery

Introduction One of the most overlooked steps in Business Continuity planning is identifying your company’s critical processes. Like most businesses, there are many functions but—let’s face it— some are more critical than others. If a disaster strikes, your business must be able to perform these functions in order for it to survive. The time to […]

The Real Cost Of Network Downtime

Is this scenario familiar? It’s a very busy time of the year. Clients are calling for services and they’re referring new prospects to you. Business is growing and it’s hard to keep up. For most small businesses, this is not a bad problem to have. Things are humming along — suddenly, your network goes down. […]