ALERT: New Malware Campaign With A 90% Success Rate

Researchers have discovered a brand new, sophisticated spear phishing campaign that fools 90% of their targets into opening infected attachments or visiting spoofed websites. Once a target takes action, the malware either steals data, credentials or both. These hackers are very savvy—diligently researching targets, tailoring messages specifically to them and adding personalized information to fool […]

Fire, Flood and Your Business

Introduction Fires and floods can have a massive negative impact on your business. Each year, over 100,000 commercial building fires devastate property. Additionally, water damage from failed plumbing and sprinkler systems short-circuit equipment with zero warning. Both can potentially result in catastrophic data loss, putting affected businesses at great risk of going under. What you can do […]

Read Joe Jr.’s article, “Identity Theft is Big Business” in Commerce Magazine’s business blog, Free Thinking….

We are very happy and honored that Commerce Magazine, the Flagship Publication of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) has decided to publish Joe’s article. Click here to read the full article and learn how much your data is really worth to cyber-criminals and what you should do to protect yourself and […]

35 Common Sense Actions To Increase Home And Office Security

Security isn’t all that complicated. There are many things you can do to stay safe. Below are 35 actions you can take to protect yourself at home and in the office. Implement as many as you can. Use Strong, complex Passwords Businesses should have a written, enforceable Password Security Policy in place Use a password […]

Small Isn’t Invisible

Introduction It’s been a long month. In February, we battled two ransomware attacks. One client was attacked by Cryptolocker; the other by a new ransomware variant called Locky. We also saw a rash of other malware infections that were no less concerning due to the potential damage they can cause. In all cases, SPAM was […]

A Disaster Averted—Our Battle With Cryptolocker

Introduction Recently, we received a call from a client reporting that his “PC was acting weird”. Our customer was having trouble opening files and the ones he was able to access appeared to be gibberish. He was going to a meeting and asked us to look into it while he was away. Lucky he called, […]

Webinar – 5 Keys to Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for SMBs

Every year, disasters strike businesses all over the world. These disasters come in many forms, from natural (hurricanes, blizzards) to virtual (hackers, CryptoLocker) to unavoidable (human error, hardware failure). So what can you do to prepare your business for the inevitable? XSolutions has partnered with Datto and disaster recovery expert, Donna R. Childs, for a […]

Criminals Go Back To Work After The Holidays

Introduction It looks like the criminal element enjoyed their holiday break and now are returning to work with renewed vigor. Security firm, Heimdal explained in their recent post, “Security Alert: Exploit Kits Activity Spike Packs Improved Payloads, New Servers and a Predilection for Flash Player” that there has been a substantial increase in Neutrino, RIG […]

Special Announcement: Joe Imperato Jr. Quoted In Commerce Magazine

We are proud to announce that Commerce Magazine, the flagship publication of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) has quoted our own, Joe Jr. in their January 2016 online and print editions on Cyber Security. The CIANJ also published Joe Jr.’s guest blog article, “Backing Up Your Data Can Put You Out […]

The Clock Is Ticking – Critical Information That Can Save Your Business

Introduction Here’s a quiz for you: What is your business insurance agent’s contact information? How about your banker? Accountant? Lawyer? Do you know the number and type of hardware you have? How about the company that made them? Serial numbers? What critical software does your business run? How about non-critical but important software? Enough already, […]