Business Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a storm of epic proportions, wreaking havoc upon the entire northeast. As long as I live, I’ll never forget the devastation I saw firsthand in my own Rockland County, NY as well as the pictures and stories on TV showing widespread destruction in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Property can eventually […]

XSolutions Introduces Hosted Exchange Services In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was an eye opener for all businesses. IT equipment was rendered inoperable due to power and internet interruptions even in locations that never experienced such wide-spread storm effects in the past. To this end, XSolutions has stepped up its efforts to replace onsite email configurations with Hosted Exchange Services that will keep their […]

XSolutions Happenings – August 2012

Great News! Joe Jr. has been highlighted in Commerce Magazine’s first Best Practices Guide and nominated as one of New Jersey’s Top Thought Leaders. Commerce Magazine is the flagship publication of theCommerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) and is circulated to over 40,000 business leaders each month.  See our Press Release: “Joe Imperato Jr. Lauded as One of NJ’s […]

XSolution’ Article On the Cloud Gives Guidelines For Conversions to Businesses

XSolutions Consulting Services LLC  has posted a blog article discussing the pros and cons every business owner should know before changing their onsite IT configuration to a Full Cloud environment.

Pros and Cons of Going to the Cloud – a Decision-Making Tool

The Cloud has changed the way we do business and many firms are wondering if they would benefit from converting their current onsite IT structure to a full cloud-based configuration. The answer is not so simple and those firms looking to make the transition should perform an in-depth due diligence review. Generally, there are three […]

Cloud & Hosted Services for Businesses

Many people have heard of Cloud Computing and Hosted Services but aren’t sure what it is. In this short article, I’ll try to explain what they are and why they may be a good choice for your business.