The Ever-Evolving Threat

Introduction 2015 is almost over and our computer systems are not only less safe from the criminal underworld, but the hackers appear to be winning, putting the cyber security industry on high alert! My own experience shows that when I update my anti-malware programs, a voluminous number of definitions are added on a daily basis. […]

The 2016 Tax Scam Season And What To Do About It

Introduction The 2016 tax season is just around the corner and schemers, criminals and cyber-thieves are already preparing to lift your hard-earned dollars from your pocket. Every year, thieves steal billions by filing false returns and duping trusting people into sending thousands of dollars to settle bogus “IRS” tax claims. Criminals can create an IRS […]

Danger: Hackers Can Disable Brakes On New Cars

It seems that the main stream media is just now catching up to what we here at XSolutions have been warning our readers about for at least a year. It’s good to see that they’re finally coming on board. Yesterday morning I saw a segment on the news about how “ethical hackers” were able to […]

Microsoft Issues Double-Whammy

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft ended anti-malware support for Windows XP users. Well, Microsoft also officially ended support for Windows Server 2003 on the same day.  Just like Windows XP users, if you’re still running Windows Server 2003 in your data centers then you are putting your whole network at risk. Microsoft will no longer […]

Microsoft Officially Ends Anti-malware Support For Windows XP

If die-hard Windows XP users need another reason to upgrade their Operating System, here it is: today, Microsoft officially ends their support for anti-malware solutions for Windows XP users. No more updates to the Malicious Software Removal Tool or Microsoft Security Essentials. Discontinuing support for XP security effectively leaves users even more wide open to hacker attacks than before. […]

5 Staggering Facts You Should Know

I recently came across an article on the Canadian Government website called “Phishing: How many take the bait?” Here’s some startling facts about this very lucrative crime: 1. 156 million Phishing emails are sent daily by cyber-criminals 2. About 16 million make it through ordinary SPAM filters 3. Of the 16 million that make it through, […]

10 Critical Steps To Take To Protect Yourself From Malicious Emails

Introduction The cyber-criminal’s main tactic of spreading infectious payloads is spam. With the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) where every device is being connected to the internet, the spam problem is growing by leaps and bounds. Hackers are now able to penetrate the paltry cyber defenses of household appliances, internet-enabled TVs, baby monitors, […]

Fraudsters Creating IRS Accounts, Stealing Personal And Tax Information And Getting Refunds

Criminals are creating IRS accounts in the name of law-abiding citizens, requesting tax transcripts and stealing confidential information to create fraudulent tax returns. An excellent article on this subject comes from noted security blogger and author, Brian Krebs. Click here to read his article. The article also contains a link to create your account with […]

Get Rid of Spam

Introduction When people think of SPAM they recall the hundreds of daily emails for discount Viagra or other medications at unbelievable savings. Most think of them as annoying (which they are!) and dutifully block them, sending the annoyances to the junk folder only to get the same message again a day later. It seems that […]

Be Proactive And Protect Yourself Online

It happens so often now that we’re all getting used to it. Another data breach, this time at insurance giant, Anthem. 80 million records were stolen. That means the criminal forums will soon be flooded with personal information they can use to steal identities, open bogus accounts, etc. You may ask — when will this […]