Be Proactive And Protect Yourself Online

It happens so often now that we’re all getting used to it. Another data breach, this time at insurance giant, Anthem. 80 million records were stolen. That means the criminal forums will soon be flooded with personal information they can use to steal identities, open bogus accounts, etc. You may ask — when will this […]

Article Roundup – 12/11/14

XSolutions scours the web bringing you articles on important Technology and Business Topics. Our sincere thanks to the publications and authors for sharing their knowledge. We hope you enjoy and profit from the writings of these expert authors. XSolutions’ Feature Article: Due to the dramatic increase of scam emails during this Holiday Season, we’re re-publishing […]

The Creepy Side of the Internet

A recent post in SC Magazine mentioned an incident on the University of Missouri-Kansas City where a student was harassing a faculty member with threatening emails. The student plead guilty and is facing jail time. Thankfully, most states have enacted laws that include harassment through the internet. While this is a source of comfort, it […]

Rushed To Market Consumer Devices Put Us At Risk

CSO reports that a recent study by Eurecom found 38 vulnerabilities in firmware used by companies that manufacture a variety of internet-connected consumer products that leave the devices vulnerable to hackers due to poor encryption and backdoors left open by developers. By correlating the findings in the 693 firmware images studied, researchers were able to […]

Should You Encrypt Your Laptop?

I read an article earlier this week about a billing vendor employee whose laptop was stolen and although it was password protected, the data was not encrypted, possibly exposing confidential data on 3,500 students. Many of our past posts dealt with security issues such as password protection, malware and virus protection, etc. and that’s what […]

Domestic Drones — Hi-Tech Wonders Or Nightmares In The Making

Did you see the 60 minutes segment last Sunday (06/22/14) on domestic drones called “Drones Over America”? It showed how commercially available drones are revolutionizing the way we work and play. Their use is increasing and soon they’ll become mainstream. Right now, anyone can purchase one on the internet and they are largely unregulated. Many […]

7 Trends That Threaten Your Business

Here are a few startling statistics for 2013 from Symantec’s 2014 Internet Security Threat Report: Targeted attacks increased by 91% Security breaches increased 62% over 2012 exposing 552 million identities Web-based attacks increased 23% Read the report. It’s an eye opener! The threat landscape for all businesses is increasing at an alarming rate. Small-to-Medium Size Businesses […]

Bringing SMB IT Security Full Circle

As a reader of our blog, you know that XSolutions emphasizes cyber-security in many of our posts. Some readers may think that our “rants” don’t involve them because they are not company owners or executives. IT security is EVERYONE’s business and concerns EVERY employee regardless of title. A recent article on called “What Data […]

Foreign State Sponsored Hacking Is A Problem For U.S.

While watching the evening news last night, I was immediately drawn to one of their leading segments announcing that the U.S. issued several indictments against Chinese Military officers alleging their involvement in cyber-criminal activities against American companies. The segment went on to say that, in one instance an American manufacturer that produced solar panels was […]

If It’s Online, It can Be Hacked!

It is becoming very hard to keep people safe on the internet these days since almost everything is online — from surveillance cameras to implanted medical devices to common household appliances. Recently, CIO published an article called “The Internet of Things Could Encroach on Personal Privacy”. It discusses the White House’s concern that the sensors […]