Microsoft Officially Ends Anti-malware Support For Windows XP

If die-hard Windows XP users need another reason to upgrade their Operating System, here it is: today, Microsoft officially ends their support for anti-malware solutions for Windows XP users. No more updates to the Malicious Software Removal Tool or Microsoft Security Essentials. Discontinuing support for XP security effectively leaves users even more wide open to hacker attacks than before. […]

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Becoming A Scareware Victim

The problem The internet can be a scary place, especially to trusting people. It is no secret that hackers, thieves, and scammers use the web because they can “hide in plain sight” behind fake user names and bogus organizations, stealing people’s money with very little to fear from the authorities (at least so far). One […]

10 Critical Steps To Take To Protect Yourself From Malicious Emails

Introduction The cyber-criminal’s main tactic of spreading infectious payloads is spam. With the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) where every device is being connected to the internet, the spam problem is growing by leaps and bounds. Hackers are now able to penetrate the paltry cyber defenses of household appliances, internet-enabled TVs, baby monitors, […]