ALERT: New Malware Campaign With A 90% Success Rate

Researchers have discovered a brand new, sophisticated spear phishing campaign that fools 90% of their targets into opening infected attachments or visiting spoofed websites. Once a target takes action, the malware either steals data, credentials or both. These hackers are very savvy—diligently researching targets, tailoring messages specifically to them and adding personalized information to fool […]

Security Alert: Karma Ransomware Hides In SW Downloads

  Security blog, Graham Cluley posted yesterday that researchers discovered that Karma ransomware is piggybacking on free internet downloads. Once downloaded onto your PC, Karma checks to see if it is running on a virtual machine. If it is, it terminates itself but if it detects that it is running on a physical machine it […]

Security Alert: Locky Ransomware Is Now THOR

Ransomware gangs are at it again. A new Locky ransomware variant now carries the THOR extension. Here’s what you should know: Like Locky, THOR is distributed via SPAM campaigns. Recent emails masquerade as a request to open a “budget forecast” attachment for a soon-to-be-due project. The bogus email carries an infected attachment usually a zip […]

Fire, Flood and Your Business

Introduction Fires and floods can have a massive negative impact on your business. Each year, over 100,000 commercial building fires devastate property. Additionally, water damage from failed plumbing and sprinkler systems short-circuit equipment with zero warning. Both can potentially result in catastrophic data loss, putting affected businesses at great risk of going under. What you can do […]

Which Backup Is Better For Your Business?

Introduction Whenever I get into a discussion about which type of backup is better, I usually encounter those that think having only local backup is the way to go, while others tout the benefits of the cloud. Both camps are half right. Local backup Local backup works well for quick restores because the device is […]

Free Template Makes It Easy To Create A Disaster Recovery Plan

Fact: “70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within 1 year”. (Joint study by HP and Score)   This is a troubling statistic but the fact remains that many businesses don’t have a written Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). If your company is one them, then I urge you […]

Test Your Disaster Recovery Plan

In previous articles, we discussed disaster planning and the fact that ALL businesses should have a comprehensive Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR). To fully protect your business, it needs a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that encompasses both Operations and Computer Systems (IT). Data and systems are important, but people are more important. A full DRP […]

XSolutions Partners With Axcient To Bring High-Value Backup and Disaster Recovery Options To Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMB)

XSolutions has announced that it has partnered with Axcient, a premier Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) provider, giving small and medium size businesses reliable backup and business continuity protection.

Every Business Needs An IT Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan

“70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within 1 year” — Impact on U.S. Small Business of Natural & Man-Made Disa­sters (presented by HP and SCORE 2007) Disasters can strike at any time. They are unexpected and can be so severe that an unprepared company can be put out of […]

XSolutions partners with Carbonite©

Every year 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. Protect your personal and business files with this low cost solution. After years of utilizing online offsite backups we have finally chosen the best and partnered with them! Carbonite© is completely automatic, secure and encrypted, and very cost effective. XSolutions can even install it for you! Learn […]