A New Twist To An Old Scam

In the past, scammers targeted departments responsible for issuing payroll, often spoofing the emails of authority figures to obtain detailed records. A recent LEXOCOLOGY post warns us that scammers are now zeroing in on the employees themselves that could cost workers plenty while posing a serious cyber-threat to organizations of all sizes. Here’s how this […]

Security Alert: Equifax Data Breach Impacts 143 Million People

Reporting agencies and security blogs are ablaze today with the news that Credit-reporting giant Equifax suffered a data breach possibly exposing critical information on 143 million U.S. consumers. Hackers supposedly exploited a vulnerability in a website application and gained unauthorized access to files as far back as mid-May. Information exposed in the hack: names, Social Security […]

Sometimes Low-Tech is the way to go

I’ve spoken about this at meetings and written about it in blog posts, but hacking into cameras and spying on people can and does happen. There are high-tech solutions you can use to protect yourself that will make it harder for a hacker to penetrate your security, but if they’re determined enough they’ll eventually find […]

The 2016 Tax Scam Season And What To Do About It

Introduction The 2016 tax season is just around the corner and schemers, criminals and cyber-thieves are already preparing to lift your hard-earned dollars from your pocket. Every year, thieves steal billions by filing false returns and duping trusting people into sending thousands of dollars to settle bogus “IRS” tax claims. Criminals can create an IRS […]

Bug found in Dell PCs shipped since 8/15

An article on the well-known security blog, Krebs On Security discusses a flaw found in Dell PCs shipped since August 2015 that could be exploited by a hacker to intercept, read and modify web traffic. The problem is caused by a certificate installed on the machines called “eDellRoot”. Dell is in the process of removing […]

Security Alert: Outlook Exploit Steals Passwords!

Microsoft’s Outlook Web App or OWA as it is commonly called, has fallen victim to a covert attack that can potentially steal all of a company’s email passwords. Security firm, Cybereason discovered this malicious malware hiding in an OWA server of an undisclosed company. It was only through the customer’s vigilance in reporting application abnormalities […]

Danger: Hackers Can Disable Brakes On New Cars

It seems that the main stream media is just now catching up to what we here at XSolutions have been warning our readers about for at least a year. It’s good to see that they’re finally coming on board. Yesterday morning I saw a segment on the news about how “ethical hackers” were able to […]

Microsoft Issues Double-Whammy

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft ended anti-malware support for Windows XP users. Well, Microsoft also officially ended support for Windows Server 2003 on the same day.  Just like Windows XP users, if you’re still running Windows Server 2003 in your data centers then you are putting your whole network at risk. Microsoft will no longer […]

Microsoft Officially Ends Anti-malware Support For Windows XP

If die-hard Windows XP users need another reason to upgrade their Operating System, here it is: today, Microsoft officially ends their support for anti-malware solutions for Windows XP users. No more updates to the Malicious Software Removal Tool or Microsoft Security Essentials. Discontinuing support for XP security effectively leaves users even more wide open to hacker attacks than before. […]

Get Rid of Spam

Introduction When people think of SPAM they recall the hundreds of daily emails for discount Viagra or other medications at unbelievable savings. Most think of them as annoying (which they are!) and dutifully block them, sending the annoyances to the junk folder only to get the same message again a day later. It seems that […]