To A Hacker—You’re Not Important But Your Data Is!

Your information is everywhere—on your personal computer’s hard drive, shopping sites, social media sites, online services you’ve signed up for, etc. How many online forms have you filled out in the past three months? Probably more than you can remember. Where do you think all this information goes? To corporate and Government databases, that’s where. […]

Security Alert: Ransomware That Encrypts System Files

We should have seen this coming—ransomware that breaks your Operating System! ZDNet reports that a strain of ransomware called Petya that once contracted, replaces the Master Boot Record (MBR) with a malicious loader forcing a system restart that loads the virus instead of the Operating System. After the restart, the PC runs a fake CHKDSK scan, encrypting the Master […]

It’s Time For Small Businesses To Take Action

Introduction Not a single day goes by without reading about another hack, data breach or research showing how vulnerable some of our internet-enabled, everyday devices really are. Followers of XSolutions’ Company LinkedIn page as well as my 1700+ personal LinkedIn connections have been treated to articles on topics involving: Infected Google Play Apps Smartwatch security […]

The Ever-Evolving Threat

Introduction 2015 is almost over and our computer systems are not only less safe from the criminal underworld, but the hackers appear to be winning, putting the cyber security industry on high alert! My own experience shows that when I update my anti-malware programs, a voluminous number of definitions are added on a daily basis. […]

Domestic Drones — Hi-Tech Wonders Or Nightmares In The Making

Did you see the 60 minutes segment last Sunday (06/22/14) on domestic drones called “Drones Over America”? It showed how commercially available drones are revolutionizing the way we work and play. Their use is increasing and soon they’ll become mainstream. Right now, anyone can purchase one on the internet and they are largely unregulated. Many […]

Bringing SMB IT Security Full Circle

As a reader of our blog, you know that XSolutions emphasizes cyber-security in many of our posts. Some readers may think that our “rants” don’t involve them because they are not company owners or executives. IT security is EVERYONE’s business and concerns EVERY employee regardless of title. A recent article on called “What Data […]

Foreign State Sponsored Hacking Is A Problem For U.S.

While watching the evening news last night, I was immediately drawn to one of their leading segments announcing that the U.S. issued several indictments against Chinese Military officers alleging their involvement in cyber-criminal activities against American companies. The segment went on to say that, in one instance an American manufacturer that produced solar panels was […]

Business Bank Accounts Under Siege By Cyber-Criminals

Did you know that your U.S. business bank account is not insured by the FDIC? Instead, they are covered by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which is not as comprehensive as FDIC coverage. Furthermore, individual banks may be able to wiggle out of what little coverage the UCC offers by simply changing their commercial banking […]