Worried About A Microsoft Software Audit?

Last week an email came across my desktop from a well-known software vendor with glaring headlines announcing that Microsoft is sending audit letters to small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) trying to verify whether they are using unlicensed Microsoft software. This news is not new. Microsoft has been conducting the latest round of audits since 2014. One […]

12 Reasons To Convert To Microsoft Office 365

Thinking about separating your email system from your onsite server configuration? Smart move! Our advice: go with Microsoft Office 365 (MSO365) over any third party Hosted Exchange Provider you find. Microsoft Office 365 is hard to beat, not only on price but on features.  Here’s 12 reasons why MSO365 should be part of your business […]

Make Hosted Exchange A Part Of Your BDR Program

As business people, I think we all agree that email is essential to our companies. We use it as a fast, low-cost tool to communicate with employees, clients, and prospects. Many of us market our services with it and despite the rise of social media, email marketing is still big business. Although, there are other […]

Use The Cloud To Bolster Disaster Recovery Communications

A 2012 Forrester Research and Disaster Recovery Journal joint survey revealed that 60% of organizations queried said that communications was extremely important during a crisis. In fact, the report showed that respondents ranked the underestimating of the importance of communications during a disaster among their top three lessons learned. Email is one of the most […]

XSolutions Introduces Hosted Exchange Services In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was an eye opener for all businesses. IT equipment was rendered inoperable due to power and internet interruptions even in locations that never experienced such wide-spread storm effects in the past. To this end, XSolutions has stepped up its efforts to replace onsite email configurations with Hosted Exchange Services that will keep their […]