Think it can’t happen to you?

Many individuals simply operate on the assumption that no one is interested in what they have or their company is too small for criminals to bother with. This is called security through obscurity. If you operate under this assumption—you are wrong. You are vulnerable if you: Keep logins (user names & passwords), documents, emails, personal […]

How To Protect Your Company From Data Loss

Data loss can happen at anytime—suddenly and without warning. If you cannot recover quickly, you can literally be put out of business as your clients go to your better-prepared competitors. That is why businesses, of all sizes, must think beyond just backing up data and embrace Business Continuity as a central business objective. On the Slideshare […]

Small Isn’t Invisible

Introduction It’s been a long month. In February, we battled two ransomware attacks. One client was attacked by Cryptolocker; the other by a new ransomware variant called Locky. We also saw a rash of other malware infections that were no less concerning due to the potential damage they can cause. In all cases, SPAM was […]