Security Alert: 117 Million LinkedIn Logons For Sale

Tripwire’s “State Of Security” blog reports that hackers have stolen over 100 million LinkedIn account credentials and are now in the process of selling them on the Dark Web. Some of the stolen passwords are the same as those stolen in a 2012 breach, but reports say that some are new. We recommend that you […]

Businesses Use Social Media At Their Own Risk

I understand that using social media for business is a controversial subject, but there is no denying that this very popular area of the internet is riddled with cyber-crime. Hackers targeting individuals and companies alike get a lot of information from the various social media platforms. A favorite ploy of criminals is to befriend a […]

XSolutions Happenings – October 2011

XSolutions continues its system and service upgrades, expanding internal and technical resources. We are intensifying efforts to complete the latest upgrades to our Customer User Trouble Ticket Interface that will allow our clients to view and track the progress of their tickets within their own web portal.  We’ll keep you posted. As mentioned last month, […]

XSolutions Happenings – September 2011

XSolutions continues to update its internal systems and expand services. We have been working very hard to optimize our Trouble Ticket System. We will soon be ready to roll out our Customer User Trouble Ticket Interface. When rolled out, customers will be able to review and track the progress of their tickets. If you haven’t […]