Look Ma, No Macros!

Successful hackers should be very proud—they’ve created yet another way to trick the masses and infiltrate the systems of countless victims. Kaspersky Lab researchers found an undocumented and little-known feature in Microsoft Office that allows hackers to gather configuration data on targeted systems without the need to create macros. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office for iOS […]

Save Time and Increase Productivity With Microsoft Office’s Auto Text Feature

Work smarter, not harder Whether you’re a Microsoft fan or not, Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity suite in the world. In fact, it’s hard to find a business that’s not using it. But the fact remains that most users utilize only a fraction of the full power of any of the programs Microsoft […]

Get Organized Using Text Files

We all know that being better organized allows us to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. The overwhelming requirement of busy owners and executives is that a productivity tool must be fast, easy, and require little or no training. Throughout the years, computer-savvy users have learned that very often, simpler is better and that they […]