To A Hacker—You’re Not Important But Your Data Is!

Your information is everywhere—on your personal computer’s hard drive, shopping sites, social media sites, online services you’ve signed up for, etc. How many online forms have you filled out in the past three months? Probably more than you can remember. Where do you think all this information goes? To corporate and Government databases, that’s where. […]

Study: 65% Of Doctors Share Patient Data Via Mobile Devices

A blog post by Becker’s Heath IT & CIO Review revealed that a study by mobile Security firm, Skycure found that 65% of physicians use mobile devices to share patient data: 70% used mobile devices to manage patient data and 74% use multiple devices to do so. Almost 3 out of 10 doctors store patient […]

Android Malware Disguised As Security Apps

Every day, I review security announcements on the internet, and what I’m seeing lately is a lot of alerts for fake Android apps. A simple Google search gives me a disturbing 145,000 results. The latest threat that I picked up and passed on to my social media connections is called SandroRat. SandroRat is a variant […]

Is Your Old Smartphone A Stoolpigeon?

In past articles, we’ve written extensively about security. We even had a post that warned of old office copiers that were returned to leasing companies where they were refurbished and leased to other companies without wiping out the old data on the hard drive. While perusing the security forums last week, I came across a […]