A New Twist To An Old Scam

In the past, scammers targeted departments responsible for issuing payroll, often spoofing the emails of authority figures to obtain detailed records. A recent LEXOCOLOGY post warns us that scammers are now zeroing in on the employees themselves that could cost workers plenty while posing a serious cyber-threat to organizations of all sizes. Here’s how this […]

Article Roundup: Week Ending 10.20.2017

Important Cyber news of the week, summed up by XSolutions and posted to Social Media: Security Alert: Microsoft Office Zero Day and DNS Vulnerabilities Potentially Impacting Users Microsoft patched two critical vulnerabilities this past Patch Tuesday that could allow hackers to gain access to systems and devices. Security Alert: Critical Wi-Fi Vulnerability Found – DO […]

Businesses Use Social Media At Their Own Risk

I understand that using social media for business is a controversial subject, but there is no denying that this very popular area of the internet is riddled with cyber-crime. Hackers targeting individuals and companies alike get a lot of information from the various social media platforms. A favorite ploy of criminals is to befriend a […]

9 Actions For Better Information Control In The Office

While perusing the web earlier this week, I came across a small article called “Blue Shield leaks social security numbers”. This short segment went on to mention that Blue Shield inadvertently included social security numbers within a report that was posted to the public domain. Apparently, it wasn’t the first time. They did the same […]

Social Engineering Attacks On The Rise

CSO posted a great article that I think all business people should read, internalize, and use in their company’s employee training programs. The article called “Four of the newest (and lowest) Social Engineering scams” says that the number of spear-phishing campaigns jumped 91% in 2013. Social engineering is big business, pulling in millions of dollars […]

The Weakest Link in IT Security

Today, there are a plethora of programs that will safeguard a company’s IT systems, from anti-virus programs to anti-malware packages that will catch and sanitize even the most stubborn infections. So, the question remains — with all these security programs available, why and how do IT attacks succeed on such a large scale?