Security Alert: Outlook Exploit Steals Passwords!

Microsoft’s Outlook Web App or OWA as it is commonly called, has fallen victim to a covert attack that can potentially steal all of a company’s email passwords. Security firm, Cybereason discovered this malicious malware hiding in an OWA server of an undisclosed company. It was only through the customer’s vigilance in reporting application abnormalities […]

10 Critical Steps To Take To Protect Yourself From Malicious Emails

Introduction The cyber-criminal’s main tactic of spreading infectious payloads is spam. With the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) where every device is being connected to the internet, the spam problem is growing by leaps and bounds. Hackers are now able to penetrate the paltry cyber defenses of household appliances, internet-enabled TVs, baby monitors, […]

Security Alert: Chrome Extension Downloaded By 1.2 Million Users Is Malware

We’ve just learned that a popular and highly rated Google Chrome extension called Webpage Screenshot collects private information and sells it to third parties. The problem is that the extension has already been downloaded by over a million users so far. Usually, Google is pretty good at filtering out malware-laden extensions, but this one used […]

Who Can You Trust?

Earlier this week, I issued an alert to our readers regarding Lenovo’s pre-installation of Superfish onto their PCs shipped between September 2014 and February 2014. That security email blast evoked quite a few responses from our readers — and rightfully so. Superfish apparently makes it easy for hackers to exploit the program and attack users […]