Hackers Using Robo Calls To Scam More Victims

We just received a robo call on our cell phones warning us that “the IRS is preparing legal action against us and to learn more about it, call 636-628-5993 immediately”. It’s a scam, of course and we hung up after listening to it for research purposes. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately […]

The 2016 Tax Scam Season And What To Do About It

Introduction The 2016 tax season is just around the corner and schemers, criminals and cyber-thieves are already preparing to lift your hard-earned dollars from your pocket. Every year, thieves steal billions by filing false returns and duping trusting people into sending thousands of dollars to settle bogus “IRS” tax claims. Criminals can create an IRS […]

Fraudsters Creating IRS Accounts, Stealing Personal And Tax Information And Getting Refunds

Criminals are creating IRS accounts in the name of law-abiding citizens, requesting tax transcripts and stealing confidential information to create fraudulent tax returns. An excellent article on this subject comes from noted security blogger and author, Brian Krebs. Click here to read his article. The article also contains a link to create your account with […]