Shortcuts Galore!

The mouse is no doubt the favorite input device for Windows programs. However, power users know that it is the keyboard shortcut that gets things done quickly, maximizing your time when speed is needed. Here are a few of our favorite keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, Excel 2010, and Word 2010:

Close Unresponsive Programs In Windows 7

Have you ever had a program or webpage that suddenly hung up and did not respond to keystrokes or mouse clicks? We all have and Windows has a way of ending programs and services that do not respond. The bad news is that whenever you close a program that becomes unresponsive you’ll lose whatever data […]

Clearing Jump Lists In The Windows 7 Taskbar

Jump Lists are a new feature in Windows 7. They allow a user to see recently opened files when right-clicking a program icon on the taskbar. They allow for the fast opening of heavily used programs. However, it comes at a cost to privacy, since it is easy for someone passing by an unattended PC […]

Delete Unused Fonts For Quicker Bootups

Windows 7 comes with a vast array of fonts. Like any file, they take time to load. Eliminating the fonts that you’ll never use can shave time off of your PC’s booting process. Just copy them to another folder in an alternate location before deleting the fonts you don’t use.

De-clutter Your Desktop By Creating Your Own Toolbars

Let’s face it, over time everyone’s desktop has far too many icons, making it a chore to find programs and documents. Go with a minimalist’s attitude and de-clutter your desktop by creating your very own special-purpose toolbars.

A Better Way To Select Multiple Files In Windows 7

Most users select multiple files within a folder by selecting the first file, then clicking the last file while holding the Shift Key down (if the files are contiguous) or by holding the Crtl Key down and individually selecting files if they are not one after the other.  If the files you want to select […]