WanaCry Ransomware Hackers Threaten More Chaos

A KnowBe4’s blog post yesterday disclosed that the hacking group called Shadow Brokers, responsible for leaking the NSA’s zero-day exploit resulting in the infamous WanaCry Ransomware global attack, threatened to release even more NSA exploits that could potentially cause more damage. Shadow Brokers announced that starting next month, they will make more stolen NSA-weaponized bugs available on […]

Microsoft Issues Double-Whammy

Yesterday, we reported that Microsoft ended anti-malware support for Windows XP users. Well, Microsoft also officially ended support for Windows Server 2003 on the same day.  Just like Windows XP users, if you’re still running Windows Server 2003 in your data centers then you are putting your whole network at risk. Microsoft will no longer […]

Microsoft Officially Ends Anti-malware Support For Windows XP

If die-hard Windows XP users need another reason to upgrade their Operating System, here it is: today, Microsoft officially ends their support for anti-malware solutions for Windows XP users. No more updates to the Malicious Software Removal Tool or Microsoft Security Essentials. Discontinuing support for XP security effectively leaves users even more wide open to hacker attacks than before. […]

11 Ways To Protect Yourself When Others Put You At Risk

The problem SC Magazine reports that 44% of companies are still using Windows XP and 34% of enterprises are using a combination of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 which will be decommissioned by Microsoft on July 14, 2015. Apparently, many businesses are reluctant to migrate to the newer software despite the fact that older […]

Bringing SMB IT Security Full Circle

As a reader of our blog, you know that XSolutions emphasizes cyber-security in many of our posts. Some readers may think that our “rants” don’t involve them because they are not company owners or executives. IT security is EVERYONE’s business and concerns EVERY employee regardless of title. A recent article on CIO.com called “What Data […]

U.S. Government Still Using Windows XP

An online article in The Washington Post last week revealed that thousands of PCs in U.S. Government agencies will still be running Windows XP despite a six (6) year heads up from Microsoft that they will end support in on April 8, 2014. The article, “Government computers running Windows XP will be vulnerable to hackers […]