Fire, Flood and Your Business

Introduction Fires and floods can have a massive negative impact on your business. Each year, over 100,000 commercial building fires devastate property. Additionally, water damage from failed plumbing and sprinkler systems short-circuit equipment with zero warning. Both can potentially result in catastrophic data loss, putting affected businesses at great risk of going under. What you can do […]

What The Yahoo Hack Can Teach Us

The Problem By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about the massive hack at Yahoo in which over 500 million account details were stolen back in 2014. The information stolen may have included: names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, passwords and unencrypted security questions and answers. Unfortunately, many people think, “It’s only my email address, […]

Does Ransomware Scare You?

Did you ever stop to think about one of the other 49 million new strains of malware that can take down your system with a single click? Most businesses cannot afford to be down for hours or days at a time due to a vicious virus or merciless malware. While anti-virus software is good and considered […]

Microsoft Rolling Out Focused Inbox

If you’re among the many users we’ve setup on Microsoft 365 and Outlook, you are probably familiar with one of its features called Clutter. Some like it while many despise it. Microsoft heard you and finally decided to stop moving messages to the Clutter folder while replacing it with a new concept called Focused Inbox. […]

Security Alert: Go ToMyPC Hacked

Graham Cluley reports that the popular remote access tool, Go ToMyPC has been hacked and Citrix reset all passwords as a security precaution. Click here to read the actual article. We advise that all of our clients and readers who use Go ToMyPC to change their password immediately and follow the guidelines below: Do not […]

Vigilance Is King In Cyber-Security

Introduction To those that are looking for that one security application that will provide total protection, I hate to burst your bubble—there isn’t any. Security apps are important and EVERY individual and business must use them, but you simply cannot rely on them to keep you completely safe. Vigilance is the key to overall safety. […]

Security Alert: 117 Million LinkedIn Logons For Sale

Tripwire’s “State Of Security” blog reports that hackers have stolen over 100 million LinkedIn account credentials and are now in the process of selling them on the Dark Web. Some of the stolen passwords are the same as those stolen in a 2012 breach, but reports say that some are new. We recommend that you […]

Read Joe Jr.’s article, “Identity Theft is Big Business” in Commerce Magazine’s business blog, Free Thinking….

We are very happy and honored that Commerce Magazine, the Flagship Publication of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ) has decided to publish Joe’s article. Click here to read the full article and learn how much your data is really worth to cyber-criminals and what you should do to protect yourself and […]

Hackers Using Robo Calls To Scam More Victims

We just received a robo call on our cell phones warning us that “the IRS is preparing legal action against us and to learn more about it, call 636-628-5993 immediately”. It’s a scam, of course and we hung up after listening to it for research purposes. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately […]

Study: 65% Of Doctors Share Patient Data Via Mobile Devices

A blog post by Becker’s Heath IT & CIO Review revealed that a study by mobile Security firm, Skycure found that 65% of physicians use mobile devices to share patient data: 70% used mobile devices to manage patient data and 74% use multiple devices to do so. Almost 3 out of 10 doctors store patient […]

Security Alert: Shape-shifting Malware Infects Thousands

BAE Systems warns that a modified strain of the Qbot malware has already infected over 54,000 PCs worldwide with 85% of infections occurring in the U.S. The modified version is network-aware and designed to harvest credentials from a target’s computer systems. Here are the stats: Qbot uses a “domain generation algorithm” that gives it the […]

35 Common Sense Actions To Increase Home And Office Security

Security isn’t all that complicated. There are many things you can do to stay safe. Below are 35 actions you can take to protect yourself at home and in the office. Implement as many as you can. Use Strong, complex Passwords Businesses should have a written, enforceable Password Security Policy in place Use a password […]

4 Tools You Should Never Be Without

To thwart today’s sophisticated cyber-criminals, users must become more knowledgeable about how to keep themselves safe. The bad guys love to crack your passwords, trick you into clicking infected links and lure you onto compromised websites. We have 4 web-based tools that you should keep handy— bookmark them so they’ll always be at your fingertips. […]

Security Alert: Ransomware That Encrypts Tax Program Files

Trend Micro has recently reported in their blog that a new ransomware called PowerWare is targeting tax program files. So far, it has attacked files with extensions *. tax2013 and *. tax2014 in addition to others, such as *.docx, *.xls—but it is reasonable to expect that this Trojan can be quickly modified by criminals to […]

Security Alert: Ransomware That Encrypts System Files

We should have seen this coming—ransomware that breaks your Operating System! ZDNet reports that a strain of ransomware called Petya that once contracted, replaces the Master Boot Record (MBR) with a malicious loader forcing a system restart that loads the virus instead of the Operating System. After the restart, the PC runs a fake CHKDSK scan, encrypting the Master […]

10 Tips For Safe Computing

Cyberspace can be scary to navigate haphazardly. Taking a few, well-thought out precautions can dramatically increase your security. Here’s a few you should keep in mind: Do your online shopping from your own device and network. Don’t trust the security of unfamiliar systems. Never enter credit card or any financial details on unsecured sites. URLs for secure sites start with “HTTPS” […]

TeslaCrypt 4.0 Debuts

Criminals launched a new and improved brand of ransomware called TeslaCrypt 4.0. As the name implies, it is the fourth iteration that includes new improvements making it a great cash-cow for criminals and a giant headache to the rest of us. Here’s a few of the “improvements” that criminals have made: TeslaDecoder no longer works […]

Locky Ransomware Pushed To Millions of Victims

Trustwave, a respected cyber-security firm has announced on its SpiderLab blog that it has detected upwards of 4 million SPAM emails in the last 7 days. These emails carry an infected attachment that when clicked, will download the Locky Ransomware virus. ​The emails attempt to trick victims into opening attachments to supposedly view invoices. Once […]

10 Smart(phone) Things You Should Do Now

Introduction Smartphones—they’re everywhere! People may forget their house keys or wallet, but they’ll never leave their smartphone behind. It’s a fact of life today. Just last weekend, me and my wife went out for breakfast and sitting in the next booth was a couple, probably in their 50s or early 60s. They weren’t talking. Instead, […]

Small Isn’t Invisible

Introduction It’s been a long month. In February, we battled two ransomware attacks. One client was attacked by Cryptolocker; the other by a new ransomware variant called Locky. We also saw a rash of other malware infections that were no less concerning due to the potential damage they can cause. In all cases, SPAM was […]