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The Ultimate Defense Against Ransomware

Ransomware is here to stay and is a primary cyber-weapon of criminals. You may not be able to stop ransomware from attacking your company, but you can effectively defend your business and eliminate the threat. Read and find out how.

Security Alert: Finance Departments Need To Be Super Vigilant

A recent ZDNet Security post describes a dastardly attack vector allowing scammers to produce exact replicas of expected invoices that, if paid, will funnel sizeable cash balances into criminal bank accounts. Here’s how they do it: Using phishing attacks against vendor companies, hackers acquire the email login credentials of billing department personnel. After acquiring the […]

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 15 – HW & SW Inventories

A well-written and tested Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you have one! The information it contains will not only help your IT recovery but your physical one too. Having information at your fingertips allows you to ask for help efficiently, quickly and with one purposecomplete recovery.

Read on to find out the two most important lists you must have in your DRP.

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 13 – Licenses & Permits

When your company was created and/or evolved from previous entity types, you were issued important documents registering your business. These documents, although not accessed very much, must always be in reach in case you’re are legally required to produce them. Keeping these documents off premises and/or digital copies can save you a lot of grief. Read how to take this issue off your plate.

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 12 – Insurance, Finance & Legal Info

There is more to surviving a disaster than making sure your data is safe and accessible. Money is needed to run a business, so make sure you have access to cash during and after a disaster. Setting up banking lines as well as timely filing of insurance claims can help your business survive financially until the emergency dissipates. Read on to find out what your Disaster Plan should contain.

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 11 – Notification Matrix

A good Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) gives your people everything they need to operate during and after a disaster. Even day-to-day problems can be covered in a DRP, such as plumbing issues, electrical malfunctions, security problems, etc. Be as comprehensive as possible by taking “thinking” as much as possible out of the equation.